Hugh Barrass Award

The Green Grid community lost one of its dear friends and true champions when Hugh Barrass passed away in June 2014. All who spent time with Hugh recall his passion for improving resource efficiency in the ICT industry. To honor his memory and express our thanks for his many personal and professional contributions, The Green Grid created the annual Hugh Barrass Award. 

About Hugh Barrass

Hugh strongly believed that society benefits directly from these improvements and that The Green Grid should lead this advancement. He encouraged us to evolve our organizational thinking about the centrality of the data center and the need to consider the entire value chain, beyond the confines of physical structures, in evaluating resource-efficient ICT. 

After years of serving as a contributing member on behalf of Cisco, Hugh joined the Board of Directors in 2013. His bold approach immediately impacted our collective thinking on how ICT efficiency contributes to society. Always constructive, Hugh was unafraid to ask the hard questions and encouraged each of us to challenge our existing thinking in search of new ways to move the industry forward. Hugh was absolutely committed to ensuring that The Green Grid embrace and help accelerate change. 

To honor Hugh’s memory and express our thanks for his many personal and professional contributions, The Green Grid has created the Hugh Barrass award. 

About the Award

This annual award is bestowed on a member of The Green Grid, or a member of the broader community, who best represents the contributions of Hugh Barrass to the ICT industry and the spirit of The Green Grid based on the following traits: 

  • Technical expertise and acumen
  • Passion for constructive change
  • Collaborative leadership
  • Commitment to advancing the ICT industry

Nominations for the 2016 award are currently being accepted. Download the nomination form and submit the completed form to the Marketing Committee at

The Board of Directors will review the nominations and elect an awardee. 

Award Recipients
2015: John Pflueger, Dell

As the former chair of the association’s Technical Committee, John exemplified sound leadership principles with a strong yet encouraging management style that fostered a great body of work. From his position at the vanguard of the ICT industry, John also understood “brick-and-mortar” aspects of projects, helping The Green Grid align with the modern and emerging world economies while balancing overall sustainability, climate, and quality of life issues. 

John’s other contributions to The Green Grid over the years are legion, including his long-time service on the Board of Directors, the U.S. Marketing Work Group and several more work groups. 

John has demonstrated his expertise in numerous technical areas from the launch of The Green Grid. He also helped broaden the association's perspective – both on the Board and on committees – with his interest in and passion for sustainability. 

The Green Grid has been truly fortunate to have John’s company, experience, sense of humor, and good cheer as a member of our organization for so many years. He is an industry champion, and the Board of Directors would like to recognize his very strong contributions over the years.

2014: John Tuccillo, Schneider Electric

As the former president and chairman of The Green Grid from 2007 to 2014, John led the charge in driving and developing metrics to identify resource efficiency in data centers globally. He brought many classes of stakeholders into a single organization that led to dialogue on impactful measurement of systems and equipment. His passion for the transparency of the association’s operating model and the inclusion of voices from all sectors helped set The Green Grid’s work apart from that of many other organizations. 

Under John’s leadership, The Green Grid helped the ICT industry become aware of its footprint on resource use, especially energy, carbon, and water. He helped shape the dialogue that has served as the foundation for broad public discussions of the impact of data centers and IT equipment. His efforts spurred collaborations with government agencies around the world to increase the exchange of information and ideas as to how to best measure this impact and what steps can be taken to make improvements. 

The Green Grid is proud to recognize John for these achievements, as well as honor the legacy and work of Hugh Barrass.