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PUE™ Reporting

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Thank you for your interest in reporting your PUE™. There are two classifications for reporting PUE to The Green Grid, they are: Registered and Certified. If you wish to Register your PUE with The Green Grid, please fill out all required information (denoted with an asterisk). Fields marked with two asterisks are required for certified class only. Fields without asterisks are for data collection purposes only and are not required. If you wish for The Green Grid to declare your facility’s PUE as Certified, please be sure to fill out all of the "Certification Method Used" section.

To better understand the different classes of reporting your PUE™, please refer to the below chart:



Benefit to Reporting Organization

Unrecognized A publicly reported result with no claims of following TGG's guidelines. TGG will not comment on unrecognized results.
Reported A publicly reported result by the reporting organiztion claiming they followed TGG's measurement recommendations and nomenclature guidelines. TGG will not comment on reported results. Reporting organization can use standard materials from The Green Grid to explain process and results to audience.
Registered A publicly reported result, with key report contextual data provided to TGG by the reporting organization to TGG's data center performance database. Official registration of reported result. Receipt of a registration number from TGG. Link to public report data from TGG's Web site.
Certified  A publically reported result, with key additional data required for third-party validation or certification of results, provided to TGG by the reporting organization. All benefits applicable to registered results, plus, consideration of reported results in future TGG award or recognition programs.

To Register or Certify your PUE results, please proceed to the(PUE Reporting Form). The information you provide will be used for internal purposes only and will not be re-distributed unless you decide to register your information as non-confidential. For more information, please review The Green Grid privacy policy.

For more information regarding how to measure and report your PUE, please view the white paper PUE: A Comprehensive Examination of the Metric.

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