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Our Mission

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Our Mission

The Green Grid’s mission is to drive accountable, effective, resource-efficient, end-to-end ICT ecosystems.

We do this by: 

  • Establishing metrics; 
  • Driving an understanding of risk; 
  • Proactively engaging governments to influence effective policy; and 
  • Providing frameworks for organizations to realize operational efficiency and maturity across the ICT infrastructure.

In everything we do, we enable our members to:

  • Improve operations – reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve bottom-line results;
  • Mitigate risk – stay abreast of emerging regulations and trends; 
  • Enhance thought leadership – raise brand awareness, drive industry-leading conversations; and 
  • Strengthen the value chain – collaboratively identify mutually beneficial systems and processes related to energy/asset recovery and resource efficiency.

Join The Green Grid: Get Connected To ICT

Membership in The Green Grid offers benefits to your organization and to the industry. Data centers vary considerably - from the age of the facility, to location, to the infrastructure inside it, to the work it produces. By participating in a variety of work groups and user forums, you will be able to add your company’s voice to the hundreds of others that are developing the next wave of globally-adopted metrics and measurements that will help you achieve greater resource efficiency in your data centers.

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