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Data Collection & Analysis Work Group


  • The Data Collection & Analysis Work Group has two elected positions. These are currently held by:
    • Chair: tbd
    • Vice-Chair: Jessica Kaiser, Emerson Network Power


  • Mission Statement
    • The Data Collection & Analysis Work Group’s role is to characterize the state of data center resource efficiency through market research and analysis; to synthesize the results for use in education, tool development, and metrics design; and to evaluate trends for impact on and from TGG work.
  • Structure
    • The Data Collection & Analysis Work Group reports to the Technical Committee. The Data Collection & Analysis Work Group creates Task forces and appoints Task Force leaders as needed to focus on specific deliverables.
  • Scope
    • The Data Collection & Analysis Work Group will collect, aggregate, and analyze useful information from the industry as appropriate.
  • Criteria for Success
    • The Data Collection & Analysis Work Group’s ability to meet our project commitments and provide relevant information in a usable form for incorporation into TGG and partner work activities, to drive and influence the TGG work register, and to educate stakeholders.
  • Deliverables
    • The Data Collection & Analysis Work Group develops white papers, aggregates responses to external initiatives (e.g. Government, ASHRAE, etc.), online tools, creates presentations and other technical communication based on technical studies and other technical knowledge.
  • Internal Collaboration
    • The Data Collection & Analysis Work Group will rely on ongoing liaisons with other Technical Committee Work Groups within The Green Grid to determine the information needs, and to ensure the output reflects the combined position of the Technical Committee as reflected through the balloting process. There will be close relations with The Green Grid’s Communications Committee to ensure alignment of message, speaker support and support of other regional groups.
  • About the Group
    • Typical Meeting Schedules
      • The Data Collection & Analysis Work Group meets in person during Technical Committee face-to-face meetings rotating through key cities throughout the United States. The Data Collection & Analysis Work Group holds a weekly teleconference call to ensure members have the latest updates on work progress and The Green Grid aims. From time-to-time, and with appropriate notice, the Data Collection & Analysis Work Group conducts special meetings via teleconference, video conference or high definition video conference.
    • Communication Mechanisms
      • The Group receives regular updates on the planned and ongoing work of The Green Grid. Minutes and work product are made available via Kavi. Technical content may be reviewed via LiveMeeting and conference call for the Technical Committee membership and external organizations with which the Work Group is working. Additionally, the group will develop presentations for use in The Green Grid member forums.
    • Level of involvement
      • Group members are expected to attend a reasonable number of conference calls and face-to-face meeting per year. Additionally, group members are encouraged to participate actively in the creation of the Technical Work Group’s work products via task force participation and/or direct contribution to work creation as well as providing speaker support for events. All members are responsible for representing their corporations in the review and balloting processes.



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