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WP#34-The Green Grid Data Center Compute Efficiency Metric: DCcE

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Mark Blackburn, 1E

Dan Azevedo, Symantec,
Andy Hawkins, 1E
Zeydy Ortiz, IBM
Roger Tipley, Hewlett-Packard
Dr. Sven Van Den Berghe, Fujitsu

The Green Grid is proposing the use of a new metric—data center compute efficiency (DCcE)—and its underlying sub-metric, server compute efficiency (ScE). These metrics will enable data center operators to determine the efficiency of their compute resources, which allows them to identify areas of inefficiency. Using DCcE and ScE, data center operators can continually refine and increase the efficiency of their compute resources in the same way that they use power usage effectiveness (PUE) to improve data center infrastructure.

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