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WP#17-Proxy Proposals for Measuring Data Center Productivity

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Jon Haas, Intel
Mark Monroe, Sun Microsystems
John Pflueger, Dell
Jack Pouchet, Emerson
Peter Snelling, Sun Microsystems
Andy Rawson, AMD
Freeman Rawson, IBM

This paper is a natural progression of the work that The Green Grid and the industry have already done to advance energy efficiency in data centers. The Green Grid recognizes that there is a need for something that is simpler to implement than the DCeP metric, and that can be used to make comparisons of the work done within a data center. To that end, The Green Grid is proposing that a simple indicator, or proxy, while less accurate than a metric such as DCeP, can be useful because it will be easier to implement. To define a suitable proxy, or proxies, The Green Grid is engaging the industry by offering several proxy proposals. You can learn about these proxies in the White Paper.

You can provide your feedback by taking the Proxy Proposal survey.


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