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WP#13-A Framework for Data Center Energy Productivity

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Dave Anderson, Verari        Phil Morris, Sun Microsystems
Tahir Cader, Spraycool       Andy Rawson, AMD
Tommy Darby, TI                 Freeman Rawson, IBM
Nick Gruendler, IBM            Vikram Saletore, Intel
Rema Hariharan, AMD        Jim Simonelli, APC by Schneider Electric
Anne Holler, VMware          Harkeeret Singh, BT
Chris Lindberg, Intel           Roger Tipley, Hewlett-Packard
Gary Verdun, Dell               Christine Long, APC by Schneider Electric
John Wallerich, Intel

This paper introduces a new family of data center resource optimization metrics designated collectively as Data Center Productivity (DCP) metrics and presents the first derivative metric within this family called Data Center energy Productivity (DCeP). The DCeP metric provides a unique analytical tool that may be used to track the overall work product of a data center per unit of energy expended to produce this work. While DCeP in its current form is only applicable to improvements in a single data center, it is hoped that this work will provide a framework to develop similar metrics for comparing across different data centers.

Rollator Walkers

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Thank you for this.

Posted at 05:20 AM on April 03, 2012 by Tom Casty

well done

This paper introduces a new family of data center resource optimization metrics.

Posted at 08:13 AM on April 18, 2012 by Laura

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Nice work. Thank you for sharing.

Posted at 04:42 AM on February 16, 2012 by Mary


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This paper introduces a new family of data center resource optimization metrics designated collectively.

Posted at 08:31 AM on October 03, 2011 by pachenko

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