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WP#33-A Roadmap for the Adoption of Power-Related Features in Servers

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Lead Editor:
John Pflueger, Dell

Contributing Editor(s):
Ken Baker, Hewlett-Packard
Mark Blackburn, 1E
Tom Brey, IBM
Bill Carter, Intel
Mark Criss, Hewlett-Packard
Tony Harvey, Cisco
Andy Hawkins, 1E
Zeydy Ortiz, IBM
Jack Pouchet, Emerson
Mike Sanfratello, Oracle
Winston Saunders, Intel
Harkeeret Singh, Thomson-Reuters
John Stanley, The 451 Group
Eiji Taguchi, Intel
Henry Wong, Intel
Roy Zeighami, Cisco

This report was commissioned to examine the current state of the market in relation to the use of server power management features and to develop a roadmap to adoption of power management in the data center.

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