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Data Center Maturity Model Assessment Tool

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The Data Center Maturity Model (DCMM) touches upon every aspect of the data center including power, cooling, compute, storage, and networking. In addition, the levels of the model outline current best practices and a 5-year roadmap for the industry. You and your colleagues can use the DCMM Assessment Tool to evaluate your data center and IT portfolio against the DCMM, get access to your personal DCMM equalizer, and obtain benchmarking results.*

*Time to complete assessment: 20-30 mins for summary level, 60 minutes for those unfamiliar with DCMM.

Please note that the assessment tool will not be updated until the DCMM is completely revised in 2016.

Maintenance updates of the DCMM were completed in 2015 by a team of industry experts. The refreshed text is currently only available through the below links and not included in the DCMM Assessment tool.

DCMM - Full Model
DCMM - All Individual Sections in Zip File
DCMM - Compute Section
DCMM - Cooling Section
DCMM - Management Section
DCMM - Network Section
DCMM - Other Facility Section
DCMM - Other IT Section
DCMM - Power Section
DCMM - Storage Section


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