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ENERGY STAR for Data Centers

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Alexandra Sullivan, Environmental Protection Agency

ENERGY STAR is a government program designed to help businesses and organizations save energy and fight global warming with superior energy efficiency. This session will provide a brief introduction of the ENERGY STAR program offerings for commercial and industrial organizations, including the new rating system for data centers. It will then take a detailed look at ENERGY STAR research and planned program enhancements for data centers. In 2008 and 2009 the ENERGY STAR program administered a data collection effort to gather measured energy use and operational information for data centers. This project produced a diverse set of over 100 observations, with broad representation of size, climate, computing functions, and technologies.
The session will share the results of a detailed energy performance analysis on this unique data set. Based on this analysis, the EPA has developed a 1-to-100 energy efficiency rating for data center infrastructure. This rating will be released into the ENERGY STAR software tool, Portfolio Manager, in spring 2010. The session will provide an overview of the software tool and new recognition opportunities that will be available for data centers later this year.

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