Using new metrics and measurements in your data center facility can be challenging. The Green Grid Academy will be a set of readily-available training materials that can help you deploy industry-standard metrics and measurements into your specific facilities.

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This online learning solution delivers training right to your desktop. There are currently four courses to access.

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Data Center Maturity Model

The Data Center Maturity Model Course is designed to help users across the world understand the maturity levels of their data centers and highlight areas to improve the efficiency of their IT operations. The course is comprised of three, separate modules so people can complete the training in shorter time periods as they have time. These modules include the Overview of the Data Center Maturity Model, Exploring the Data Center Maturity Model, and Using the Data Center Maturity Model.

Server Power Management 101  

Server Power Management 101 will focus on the basics of Server Power Management: the benefits of power management, the hierarchy of power management, the opportunities the learner has to manage power, and the learner's ability to do so.

Data Center 101: Constrained Capacity, provides an introduction on improving data center energy efficiency and explores steps you can take to recover stranded capacity in your data center.

Measures and Metrics, was designed to help you see the value of data center efficiency, regardless of your background or job responsibility. By taking the this course you will learn how to audit your data center’s energy usage using The Green Grid’s metrics, stay current on efficient power distribution configurations, and more.  

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