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Using CUE™ and WUE™ to Improve Operations in Your Data Center

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Dan Azevedo, Symantec
Christian Belady, Microsoft
Michael Patterson, Ph.D., Intel
Jack Pouchet, Emerson Network Power

Recently The Green Grid announced the creation of two new metrics designed to help improve the sustainability of data center facilities by measuring the effectiveness of carbon and water use tied specifically to the IT energy infrastructure they contain. The new metrics, Carbon Usage Effectiveness (CUE™) and the Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE™), are joining The Green Grid’s widely-used Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metric. All are designed to help IT, facilities, and sustainability organizations across the globe optimize their data centers. This will be a facilitated discussion among a panel of contributors who co-authored CUE and WUE and the audience. The panel and audience will have an interactive session where we explore the benefits and challenges of the new metrics.

RE: Using WUE for water cooled data center

Total water brought into support the data center should be counted in WUE. This is to account for all water. Changes in water quality is still an open item that needs further investigation if we will recommend to remove some portion of the water based on an allowable change in water quality. For now, the current recommendation is to include all water in support of the data center.

Posted at 05:18 PM on January 30, 2013 by TGG Administration

Using WUE for water cooled data center

From the whitepaper I understood that WUE comprises usage of water for humidification and evaporation for cooling. I am currently advising a data center about KPI which is using underground water for cooling. The heated water is reverted to the underground, so the water is not really "used", but heated by several degrees. I advised to use the WUE to determine the effectiveness of water usage, although this is not fully covered by the definition of WUE. I propose to add this use case to the definition of WUE.

Posted at 05:09 AM on January 29, 2013 by Ludger Ackermann (

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